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Hello, I am Chimeral, passionate about creation, fantasy and geek culture. I have developed several crafting skills during my personal projects: drawing, graphic design, costume and prop making, replica weapons, photography, sculpting, FX makeup, etc.

In 2022, I created my own company dedicated to arts and crafts and animation, in order to focus on my passions and creative needs.
I offer various services such as costume and accessory commissions, animation of creative workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations, crafting and selling of decorative objects, selling of goodies, patterns, books and other technical resources related to cosplay.

Every year, I participate in contests and events in France and abroad, as a guest, exhibitor or simple visitor. These are essential meetings to meet the community, show my creations and discuss our passions.

I create tutorials, technical docs and videos, I write articles and books to share my experience and tips, as well as my passion for cosplay and creation.


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You'll find all my creative projects, the progress of my costumes, the latest videos and tutorials, the events where I am present, and my news.

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